Situated in heart of Aberdeen city centre, a restaurant with passion, dedication and highest standards is serving traditional Polish dishes created from fresh local produce. Our Head Chef, Robert Fiszer, will take you on culinary adventure by presenting cooking heritage in new, unconventional way. Our front of house hosts do their best to make sure you have a fantastic dining experience, not just dinner…

The Starters
Polish style hummus (v)
Baked onion bread
Chicken consommé
Home made pasta
Sorrel soup (v)
Boiled egg
Salmon tartare
Shallots, truffle oil, crusty bread    
Deer meat & baked beetroot
Creamy goat’s cheese, quinoa    
with sourdough bread
 The Mains
Oven baked quail
Buckwheat, button mushroom,
red wine sauce, salad 
Breaded chicken breast
Spinach & goat cheese, mash potato,
carrot & green pea
Fillet of salmon                                                   
Dauphinoise potato, asparagus, pistachio       
Stuffed cabbage (V)
Buckwheat & vegetable, mash pots, tomato sauce     
Beef filled potato pancake
Spring salad, sour cream      
Minced venison
Rice, cabbage, mash potato, gravy
In sourdough bowl                                                                                                
 The Desserts
Pistachio cheesecake
Amaretto jelly, white chocolate ice cream
Apple & cinnamon baked rice
Home-made custard, marinated pear
Blueberry & chocolate drop pancake
Honey panna cotta